Case Studies in Web Reliability

The Web Reliability Framework is at its best when used in context. The following case studies explore in more detail how the framework can be applied to solving real world reliability problems on a website like yours.

Case Study: A National Law Journal

It crashed every Friday morning.

Case Study: A Multinational Mobile Device Manufacturer

The Apple iPhone demolished a number of old and well established industries. Entire companies were bulldozed and crushed under the weight of its innovation. One of those companies was a client of mine, one of the top mobile device manufacturers in the world up to that point.

Case Study: Unreliable Search

That couch you're going to lounge on tonight to watch TV, that was conceived by a furniture designer and built by a furniture company. Good chance they got their ideas for textile patterns and materials from my client's website. The trouble is, they haven't been designing very many couches because they can't get my client's website to load. It crashes every time they try to do a search.

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