Reliable Plan:

31. Strategically Reducing Customer Friction

At the strategic level, once you have successfully identified customer motivation and then sustained it by orchestrating a clear path to their desired future state, all that remains is to avoid friction along that path.

When you make it a priority to avoid friction, it ensures that you will insist on a system design that fully supports the customer at every stage of their journey. This requires messaging that resonates with them emotionally, acknowledging their desire. And it means fact-based messaging that provides guidance and inspires confidence, freeing the customer to move unencumbered toward their goal. It also means creating a server infrastructure of right size and shape - not so small that pages load slowly and demotivate your customer, and not so large that your operating costs become uncontrollable and drive you out of business.

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1. Even The President of the United States Cares About Reliable Websites


2. Who benefits from Web Reliability?

3. What’s in the way of customer success, and how does the Web Reliability Framework help?

4. What is a revenue generating website?

5. What does reliability mean?

6. Why reliable revenue matters

7. What about growth?

8. Flow as a first principle

9. What is it that's flowing?

10. What is the Web Reliability Framework?

11. How do I use it?

12. Who the hell are you?

13. A note on structure

14. Acknowledgements

Reliable Team

15. Team Motivation

19. Leadership reduces resistance

23. Management aka Continuous Improvement

Reliable Plan

27. Desire, Purpose and Guidance

31. Strategically Reducing Customer Friction

35. Managing and Validating Strategy Prior to Execution

Reliable Action

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