13. A note on structure

This book presents ideas about Web Reliability in a different format than the conversations, tweets, and blog posts that I’ve shared over time. It’s of course longer, but it’s also more detailed and opinionated.

The Web Reliability Framework is an objective system for managing the problem of customer flow through a website. It obeys the rule of three; three structural pillars interlace with three operative concepts to form a grid of nine cells. Just draw a tic-tac-toe board and you can visualize this. Within these nine cells is where all the work is done. Within these nine cells is also where all the opinions emerge and annoy people.

This book takes the framework and adds personal experiences, anecdotes, observations, and recommendations. These are couched firmly in my own subjective point of view and experience. You may read it and find that the priorities seem wrong and that my opinions about how to optimize web flow are flawed. You would be right. Your version is definitely better. You know things I don’t. So I hope you engage in the conversation and express your opinion as well!

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1. Even The President of the United States Cares About Reliable Websites


2. Who benefits from Web Reliability?

3. What’s in the way of customer success, and how does the Web Reliability Framework help?

4. What is a revenue generating website?

5. What does reliability mean?

6. Why reliable revenue matters

7. What about growth?

8. Flow as a first principle

9. What is it that's flowing?

10. What is the Web Reliability Framework?

11. How do I use it?

12. Who the hell are you?

13. A note on structure

14. Acknowledgements

Reliable Team

15. Team Motivation

19. Leadership reduces resistance

23. Management aka Continuous Improvement

Reliable Plan

27. Desire, Purpose and Guidance

31. Strategically Reducing Customer Friction

35. Managing and Validating Strategy Prior to Execution

Reliable Action

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