Web Reliability is the philosophy of web development. It places the customer first, empathetically. It emphasizes motivated, low resistance, well monitored flow into, through and out of a website as a first principle.

After 20 years of running a web development company serving clients from all over the world, we at Solspace began looking back on our work. We asked ourselves, "when were websites successful and when did they fail?" What we found in our research, based on our experience and expertise emerged as this Web Reliability Framework.

We believe that virtually every website is responsible for generating revenue in one way or another. Whether they are lead gen websites for large consulting firms, e-commerce sites, NGO mission websites or political campaign sites, the most important thing is for a website to generate revenue reliably.

We believe that the root of reliable revenue is flow; flow of the customer through the website. Optimizing this flow means optimizing revenue.

Over the years we saw that the optimization of customer flow could be broken down into constituent parts, each of which, when improved, can improve the overall system.

It is our intent here to give back to the web community and to embrace and empower those people who own and are responsible for the awesome burden of maintaining a revenue generating web property.

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